About dumpster rental

About Dümpster

We are a roll off dumpster service started in 2017 specializing in small, residential dumpsters to assist in any clean-up, renovation, or demolition projects that you may have. 

What is a "residential dumpster" ?

The way we see it, sometimes a job doesn't require a large commercial dumpster that has the potential to take up a lot of space and potentially damage your yard, or even a portable "bag" dumpster that has the potential to cause unwanted issues as well! Instead, what we offer is a simple affordable way  to clean up leftovers from any project you may have around the house, shed, garage, and so on! This is done through the use of our smaller, non-intrusive, dumpsters offered in three different sizes. 

So what do we offer?

At this time, we currently offer four different dumpster rental sizes for do it yourself  junk removal . These include a 6 yard, 9 yard, 12 yard, and 15 yard option for your cleanup needs In Frederick Hagerstown Chambersburg and surrounding area. But how much does that work in terms of dumpster space? Well, for example:6 yard is roughly 3 pickup loads,9 yard holds 4.5 truck loads, the 12 yard holds about 6 loads, and the 15 yard holds roughly 7.5 truck loads of trash or debris!